Outgoing Parcel Delivery

Parcel Services Overview

Campus Mailing Services can make sending parcels and courier items easy for you and your department. We have accounts with virtually all carriers and couriers, and can send out more than just letters on your behalf. We have a comprehensive outgoing parcel and courier service to serve the UBC community. There are 3 main reasons why you should consider using this service over contacting couriers directly:

1) It can save your department money. Because we have agreements with multiple carriers, volume discounts, and a team of trained mail professionals, we will do our best to rate shop parcel and courier costs to ensure that you save the most money possible and still have your service needs met. We can quickly make comparisons against multiple carriers, and ensure that no option is missed.

2) It can save you time. Rather than having to fill out courier forms, schedule a pickup, reconcile payments, and be present to pass off your parcel, we can make it easy for you. Just fill out and attach a quick form to your addressed parcel, leave the item at your department’s mail pickup point, and let us do the rest. We take care of all the accounting, bill you monthly on a cost-only basis, and arrange for pickups with each carrier.

3) It’s sustainable. By having couriers only having to pickup from one point on campus, we are significantly reducing the number of courier vehicles that come onto campus daily. As Campus Mail already visits every department on campus, we are eliminating the need for other vehicles to make pickups around campus wherever we can.

If you are not familiar with our incoming mail distribution operations, including delivery schedules, pickup times, and service levels, you may want to visit our Incoming Mail pages before proceeding. It is important to know these processes, as we pickup outgoing parcels at the same time we deliver incoming mail and parcels.

Further questions? Want a quotation?

If you have any questions about our parcel service, or would like some guidance on what various services may cost, please contact our Mail Processing Coordinator at 604-822-6046.