On-Campus Courier

We recognize that sometimes there is a need for mail or parcels to get distributed across campus outside of our usual delivery and pickup schedules. As such, we do offer an on-campus courier that is able to pick up and deliver across campus throughout the day. There is a fee for this service depending on the speed of delivery you require and the number of recipients.

Our courier route operates from 10AM to 4PM daily, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). However, there are cut-off times that calls must be received by for certain services.

You can check the status of your delivery by using the delivery status site.

To schedule a courier pickup, please call us by phone at 604-822-9495 and ensure you have full details on the sender, recipient, and desired service level (see below). The item(s) being sent should be fully prepared to be picked up at the time of the call. Also, please ensure you have an appropriate number of courier labels as payment. Finally, please ensure you advise the dispatcher of the volume and weight of the pickup if it is beyond that of a ‘normal’ package or piece of mail.Please note that our courier service is not available for delivery off campus.

Express Service – We will deliver your parcel within 2 hours of receiving your call. Calls for this service must be received before 2PM daily as we close each day at 4PM.

Same Day Service – We will deliver your parcel sometime within the current business day (by 4PM). Calls for this service must be received before 1PM.

Next Day Service – We will deliver your parcel the following business day with the regular mail being delivered to the receiving department. Calls for this service must be received before 3PM to allow mail to be picked up and sorted appropriately.

Express Service – 3 Courier Labels ($7.50)

Same Day Service – 2 Courier Labels ($5.00)

Next Day Service – 1 Courier Label ($2.50)

Please note that the above prices are for mail envelopes only. If you would like parcels, boxes, or packages couriered, then please add one additional label (an additional $2.00) to the above costs. Please note that large, or overweight items may require special handling and rates. If your items weigh over a combined 25 pounds, please contact Campus Mail at 604-822-9495 for a quote based on time required.

Costs are charged based on the number of recipients, not the number of pieces. So, if we are picking up multiple items for express service, but they are all going to one location, the cost would be 3 labels ($7.50). If we are picking up multiple items for express service to 6 different recipients, the cost would be 18 labels ($45.00).

Payment for courier services is done via pre-paid, numbered courier labels. Our courier driver cannot accept cash or any other form of payment. These labels can be obtained from Campus Mailing Services by calling us at 604-822-9495. After speaking to our team, email us a confirmation of your requested quantities and the speed chart to allocate the charges to. Charges are posted to FMS once a month at the end of a month. We can deliver the labels to your department once a JV or email has been received. For those unfamiliar with the UBC Journal Voucher system, please contact your department's Financial Manager, or visit UBC FInance's Forms website for instructions on filling one out.