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Forms and Labels

Forms and labels

Forms and labels for various shippers for outgoing parcels can be obtained by visiting us in person at CRMS.

If you have any questions about what you may need to send outgoing parcels, please contact us at 250-807-9105.

Mailing Services Viewer

Mailing Services Viewer

Outgoing mail services are typically free of charge for all Okanagan departments, with the exception of bulk mail outs that are billed to departments at cost. Parcels are handled by departments on their own. The default account code for bulk mail charges is 641000 (Postage). Departments are billed for these mail outs via JV, and they can be viewed on FMS monthly.

Bulk Mailings

Sending or receiving lots of similar mail?

CRMS endeavors to have all mail sorted and delivered one business day after it has been received by Canada Post. We also endeavor to have all mail processed and sent out across campus and externally within one business day of picking it up from departments. However, large, unexpected shipments may not allow us to meet this target.

Incoming Mail Sorting and Distribution


Central Receiving and Mail Services (CRMS) is responsible for receiving and distributing all mail delivered by Canada Post to the University. We receive hundreds of pieces of mail every weekday (except holidays), sort it the same day it is received, and distribute it across campus the following business day. We also pick up outgoing and inter-departmental mail from departments across campus, and distribute it the following business day free of charge.